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Default get any account you want...

finally found it again after days of searching and it actually works. no scams nothing. you can change whoevers password to
your password with just sending this encripted code to the email address i will provide. its simple. you put your username
where is says. put the user name of account you want where is says. then your pass to your user name where is says. and within 24 hours there
password will be changed to yours and all there emails and recoveries deleted. so you get there account. WOW i know right.
it will only work once per user. and the over all combat lvl needs to be within 15 of yours. what is does is confuse there
automated email address into thinking your changing the pass on there account. but you have to use yours.

give it a try.. whats the worst that can happen? it not work?

email the encripted code below here with the details filled out to [email protected]

and usually within an hour itll be set. check it out...


{E99F040B-4B24-4705-B32A-B7DB2F4A0042}&mid=&lang=&ds=&pr=&d=&v=&sap=dsp&q=r unescape+password+recovery+

//[THERE USER NAME HERE]/m=weblogin/ s

search?cid={E99F040B-4B24-4705-B32A-jagex+runescape+password+search+module}&mid=&lang= &ds=&pr=&d=&v=&sap=dsp&q=
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