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Default [Free] Very first rs07 bot[release]

Hey there guys, as I am sure you are all aware, runescape 07 has been released today. As it has only just came about, there is a scramble at the start to acquire the most wealth and highest skills. What I have here is something that will help you with both. It is a power chopper that works in rs07. It will cut any tree you are capable of cutting (skill wise), and will either drop or bank the logs (I recommend banking them as prices will be high for all items in this new server).

The source code is similiar to that of a bot I had back years ago that has just had some minor updates implemented to make it compatible with rs07.

I am releasing this for free at first mainly as a beta testing. My plan will be to sell this both in a few weeks time for around $20. I believe there will be a huge market for this product.

Here is a link to the download:

It is completely safe and free to download, just in case my word is not enough here is a link to a full virus scan analysis -

Download this bot while you can, I will probably remove the download after a couple of days in order to get the product ready for sales.
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