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Old 10-14-2007, 05:47 PM
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Default Hah Bah Gee's MMing thread - GOING OFFICIAL!


Hey guys, most of you know me, im currently going for official MM, and It does have some requirements and I'll be working on em for a while...

25+ Middleman Trades 0/25 on ulake - used to MM alot on sythe
At least 5 Good Trades - ive done em, but havent recoreded em on iTrader, so ill have to start using iTrader
Proof Of Middlemanning - gotta start taking pics of MM's
At least 6 Months Activity - not sure on how much I have atm, buy ill have it by the time im done.
No less than 5 No's, and over 50 votes - that will have to be decided once i post this for an application...
At least 10 Helpful links - gotta work on that


I will get it confirmed in the msn chat. Then go into the runescape world decided, and take the cash from buyer. Then get pin info from seller. Give the info the the buyer, and let him confirm it. Then give the cash to seller.

Selling GP

I will hold the GP while the money is sent, once the money is sent and CONFIRMED, i will give GP to buyer. I will go up to 14 day trades, IF IT TAKES LONGER, IM NOT DOING IT!!!

Account for GP

I will get gold from buyer. I will get info from seller. I will then check the account, and verify its what the buyer wants. I will then give info to the buyer, and let him change recovs, and pass. I will then give money to seller.

Account for account

I will get info from both accounts. I will then check both accounts for what the other person wants. If everything is satisfactory, i will get new recovs and pass from one person, and change that accounts, pass and recovs, and then let the other person, have the first account, that way he cant recover it back. Then once he changes his pass and recovs, ill give the account that I changed pass and recovs on, to the other guy, so he can then change it to something else.... (if confused, contact me on msn, ill explain it better...)

Vouches in sig, and PLEASE, If I MM for you, GIVE ME iTRADER!!!

msn and aim in sigg...

Join us Today

Were a new RS cheating site, and not many people have signed up, be the first few to join, looking for new mods, MM's, and VIP currently, the sooner to register, the more of a chance you have to BE STAFF!!!

This site is gunna get BIG, Get registered today and apply for staff!!!!

[Enjoy the shorter sig]
Old 10-14-2007, 05:49 PM
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This isn't allowed, you should read ulake rules, this will save you from being banned and infracted.
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