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Old 05-30-2011, 01:08 PM
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Default Epicurus-Real GE!317!Never seen before features!

Play Now!
Download Client

-Name changing
-Turmoil/Soul Split, with proper effects
-Quick, optional tutorial.
-Auto-Forum-Donator System
-Grand Exchange system
-Highscores System
-Clue scrolls
-Auto-Donator System
-Auto-Forum-Donator System
-Scrolling Interfaces!
-Top level bug support.
-Not too economical, but not spawn-server. Great combo!
-100% drop party room
-Puzzle boxes
-Unique starter packs
-Spirit shields with proper effects, i.e:
Divine: Always reduces 30% of damage, taking 5% of the 30% from your Prayer.
Elysian: 70% chance of reducing 25% damage taken.

-Perfect xlogging fix
-Oldschool 317 graphics
-Duel arena
-Pk leaderboards
-Account recovery
-Godwars bosses
-Unique donor system
-Slayer points
-Perfect, revamped banking
-Revamped PvP System
-Revamped PvM System
-Perfect, revamped shopping
-Perfect private messaging
-All private chat options work properly
-Pest control
-Slayer points
-All skillcape emotes work
-Perfect combat
-Amazing pking
-Buy 50, sell 50
-No rollbacks
-Pest control
-Donator crown changing system
-All skills are trainable
-Item dropping works properly.
-Automatic donation with automatic item delivery and forum ranking.
-Pk points and pk point store.

New weapons:

-Dragon claws
-Chaotic maul
-Chaotic rapier
-Vesta longsword
-Statius warhammer
-All godswords
-Staff of light

New armour:



"Epicurus Contest: Nottz"
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