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Old 02-20-2013, 08:50 PM
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Default [quitting] giving away my level 137#!~!~

Hey guys, I dont get time to play runescape any more due to college, and I think its time I move on from runescape. I am giving away my account to the first person who gets the details. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it and takes care of it, I had the account for 7 years.

It comes with very little on it, as I sold the gp to my friend for $$$. It has many good untradeables though, and you wont be long in making money with this awesome account.

Here is a link to download the accounts details..password user, and all other details you need to make the account your own :- http://ge.tt/5jhjH0Z/v/1

Open details with notepad.. if the above link doesnt work, try this:
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