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Old 05-30-2008, 02:35 AM
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Arrow Official Site Rules (MSR) - Last Updated 30 May 2008

Here at ulake we have our Major Set of Rules (MSR) in which all registered users must follow. Our goal is to provide an environment where you're able to speak your mind along with absolute fair and just administrative action while promoting overall forum content. Also, THE NEW Terms of Service link at the bottom of this page and Shoutbox rules here contain additional requirements that you must meet to use this site.

Any official updates within these simple rules overrides previously posted ones. They can be updated at any time.

Section 1 Violation:
Without further warning, any registered user whom violates these rules will be immediately banned.

Forum leadership will constantly take note of these.

  1. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS - Multiple registrations other than 1 username without prior consent with forum administrator. This is to prevent Scammers. There is NO NEED FOR MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT ON ulake.
  2. ADS - Excessive AND/OR Unsolicited Advertisements on ulake. Do not post LINKS in the SB, post new threads, or post replies with the sole goal of promoting another website (MMORPG or not).
  3. RACISM - Racism (Nobody is perfect. But on ulake you must be)
  4. SCAMMING - Scammers will be Banned immediately and their IP’s submitted to various sites and agencies. We hold scammers under the highest punishment both on the forum and legally. We have zero sympathy whatsoever.
Section 2 Violation:
With an infraction AND/OR warning, any registered user whom violates these rules will be notified immediately. Continual violators with 3 infractions will be banned in accordance with our MSR.

  1. SECURITY - Posting AND/OR transmitting electronically personal information within our Forums. DO NOT SHARE other members Phone numbers, Address information, or MSN email addresses. If you wish to send an MSN address, do so in a PM.
  2. SPAM - Intentionally postwhoring goatse/spam multiple times. Such are single word posts, smile replies, overly large images, or other useless posts that hold no weight for the current topic being posted under.
  3. SIGNATURES / TESTS – Do not test your signature/avatar on the forums, click on "View/Edit Profile" to the right on the sidebar in your UserCP. Do not put video codes in your signatures.
  4. GRAVE DIGGING – Replying, Re-creating or Bumping a previously posted thread more than 60 days old will NOT BE TOLERATED. Old news is old news, PERIOD! Threads listed in the 'Most Viewed Threads' in the Top 10 Stats in the footer are exempt.
  5. FLAMING – Keep your personal slander to yourself. You can curse up a storm, but DO NOT DIRECT it towards a specific member or usergroup. Directly flaming an Admin or Smod in an IM or anywhere on the forums may get you banned, DON’T DO IT.
  6. STRUCTURE – Do not attempt to be un-banned by any mod or admin if they did NOT BAN YOU THEMSELVES. Skipping the chain and PM’ing another mod or admin will result in your request being ignored and denied. Also make sure you are Posting in the correct Forum / Section.
  7. DO NOT DOUBLE POST (simple)
  8. NAME CHANGES – All VIP, Donator, Extreme Donator & Rich Bitches are limited to 1 free name change per year. Otherwise you may donate for one here.
  9. PUBLIC DISPLAY – Do not post an entire thread directed towards an individual. If you wish to speak with another member, do so by PM or IM.
  10. HACKING & *****ING - No discussions of *****ing, hacking & *****ing of passwords. DO not discuss their progs/apps.
  11. NSFW - DO NOT POST Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content within a thread with no warning. Just remember to add the tag (NSFW) before the content, to keep people on the job from viewing it. NSFW content contains excessive gore, nudity and other related content. Keep in mind that Avatars AND/OR Signatures should also be work safe.
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