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Default RSF Rules and Posting Guidelines

[h1]ulakes Official Rules and Posting Guidelines[/h1]
[h2]Introduction and Mission Statement[/h2]
[p]"We exist to authoritatively initiate high-quality methods of empowerment so that we may endeavor to conveniently leverage other's principle-centered information in order to solve business problems."

-Evil Pointy Haired Boss

All sillyness aside, this site is here to create a safe, friendly environment for its users. We hope to accomplish that goal through innovation and open-minded ideals. We hope you will help us accomplish this goal. By reading these rules, you're taking the first step on that journey.[/p]

[h3]General Posting Etiquette/Rules[/h3]
[li]To indiscriminately post unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages.[/li]
[li]Examples of spam are people posting immature things.[/li]
[li]As much as you like someone’s post, don’t make a post saying something like: “Nice post.”[/li]

[lh]If you are going to post something, put meaning into it, instead of a stupid and simple comment.[/lh]

[lh]Capitals, Spelling, Grammar, and Appropriate Language:[/lh]
[li]Capitals, when used sparingly, can help make your posts more legible. When used in excess, however, they open a gate to a dimension called "Annoying IV".[/li]
[li]Proper spelling and grammar can help make you look more intelligent, even if you're not. Practice them.[/li]
[li]Swearing, while not strictly forbidden, should be kept to a minimum. Some people find it offensive.[/li]

[lh]Back-seat modding:[/lh]
[li]Back-seat modding is acting like a moderator excessively.[/li]
[li]Helping a user out and telling them they did something wrong in a reasonable fashion is one thing, acting like a moderator, and constantly trying to make yourself look like one is another. You know the difference, use discretion. [/li]
[li]Always use the Report Post function before you post in correction, or send a private message to the author of the post in question.[/li]

[lh]Word Censors:[/lh]
[li]We have these at RSF for a reason. We do not have that many, but the ones we do, we enforce. Please do not deliberately try to get past these, we are not stupid. If you do this, you will be disciplined accordingly.[/li]

[li]Any thread which is 10 days old (20 days in the marketplace), without any posting, is considered dead. If someone posts in a thread more then 10 days old/or 20 days , it is considered gravedigging.[/li]
[li]Generally scripts/ guides are exempt from gravedigging, as people may still have questions about them. Also, topics that are still relevant/ have not been resolved are also exempt.[/li]
[li]If a thread is stickied, it can be posted in as long as it is still stickied. If you post in a sticky thread, it is not gravedigging.[/li]
[li]If you still have a question about the thread, you can PM the question to the person who you want to ask, instead of posting in the dead thread.[/li]

[h2]List Of Forbidden Things[/h2]
[li]No WareZ[/li]
[li]No Fanboyism[/li]
[li]No Porn[/li]
[li]No Viruses[/li]
[li]No Non Official MMing or No Non Official Training/ers [/li]
[li]No linking to inappropriate websites[/li]
[li]No shock-site links[/li]
[li]No Advertising at all (This includes in Signatures) - This includes referral links![/li]
[li]No Password *****ers or *****ing sites or any other method of scamming our users[/li]
[li]No Double Posting Anywhere[/li]

[h3]Reputation System[/h3]
[p]No reputation points for giving away ANY account, this include account names (You will receive a warning then a one week temp ban if you continue).[/p]

[h2]Signature Rules[/h2]
[li]Maximum Total Alotted Signature Size (MTASS) is 600x400. This includes all text, images, and blank space.[/li]
[li]Signatures should be appropriate [/li]
[li]Do not steal signatures [/li]
[li]No Advertising at all. [/li]
[li]No advertising MMing services UNLESS you are official [/li]
[li]More detailed rules pertaining to signatures can be found HERE. [/li]
[li]Any Signature that breaks any of the following rules will be removed, and the user punished accordingly.[/li]

[h2]The Infraction System[/h2]
[p]Here at RSF, we have a "warning/infraction system mod". Moderators can give users warnings or infractions if a user breaks a rule.
Warnings - These are to serve as a reminder of the rules, these cannot get you banned, and are worth "0 points".
Infractions - These are dead serious! These CAN get you banned, and are worth anywhere from "1 Point" to "5 points" each.[/p]

[h3]The "point" system[/h3]
[p]Warnings and infractions expire 10 days after they are received. If you have "5 active points" at any time, you will be perm banned, no questions asked. However, say you get 3 infractions, and three weeks later, you get 3 more, this WILL NOT result in a ban, as the old infractions will be expired! Serious infractions will never expire/ will take longer to expire. More than 1 point per infraction can be give at the moderator's discretion.[/p]

[h3]Why would I receive a warning/ infraction?[/h3]
[p]Any time a mod sees fit, they can give a user an infraction for breaking a rule. Breaking any rule can, and probably will, result in a warning/ infraction (depending upon the severity). For more information look HERE

[updated]October 17th[/updated]
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Updated. (Again)
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